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  1. SECURITY. Help protect your confidential data with:
    • Data Encryption: Uses a military grade algorithm in communication on data before it is
      written to RAM and the hard disk drive.
    • End-of-Lease Data Erase: When the device is retired, all confidential data is overwritten on the device
      before it leaves the facility. This includes removing all information or rendering it unreadable from
      the hard disk drive.
    • Confidential Printing: Allows users to print a job to the device and the job will not be released until
      the user enters a pin number at the device.
    • Use the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system to revolutionize the way you present &
      share information.
    • The Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system offers a highly sensitive 4K Ultra-HD touchscreen
    • Move it from room to room, or mount it – horizontally, vertically, or facing up.
    • Share on screen content so audiences can capture on screen images and save them on their mobile
      devices to make personal memos.
    • Transfer files between mobile devices, even if they are not connected to the Sharp AQUOS
      BOARD® interactive on screen writing and drawing
    • 2-way collaboration of the Aquos Board between mobile devices
    • Up to 50 mobile devices can be connected simultaneously.
    • PANTONE Color Matching: Integrated PANTONE matching on the device eliminates the need for a Fiery
      to match specific Pantone colors.
    • Edge-to-edge printing: (Sharp Exclusive) produce professional full-bleed booklets on 11x17 size sheets
      with up to 120 pages including square fold.
    • Color Consistency: To ensure high-quality color output an image-process control monitors each of the
      primary colors (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) and automatically makes adjustments between pages.
    • Micro-fine Toner Technology: utilizes smaller toner particles than conventional toner, which offers
      better fill and ensures optimum image density, color balance and edge definition
    • In house shredding equipment eliminates the continuous cost of shredding services and provides
      the security and peace of mind that your data is destroyed securely.
    • Shred from 30 to 600 sheets at a time
    • Destroy paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs, binders, and more.
    • 3-Tier Color Pricing: Pay proportionally for color printing with the device detecting the amount of color
      usage on a page.
    • Job Accounting: Use various applications integrated with the device to charge back clients for the
      amount of copies/prints related to the client’s job.
    • Restrict User Access: Introduce restrictions on the device so only certain users can print in color.
    • Match Pricing: Bring in a copy of your current mailing or shredding invoice and we guarantee we’ll
      beat it.
    • Referral Program: Introduce us to another company and receive company credits to use with any of
      our products/services.

    Benefit from Top Document Management Brands
    & ADS' Customer Service that is “Simply Better.”
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    • File Conversion: Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), convert hard copy documents to be
      searchable and editable in either Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more
      directly from the touchscreen panel of the device.
    • Email Connect: Email directly from the device as if you were sitting at your PC. Use a retractable
      keyboard for convenience and sign into Gmail or Outlook. This feature eliminates the possibility of
      the recipient getting the email in his/her spam folder or not opening the email because it appears to
      come from a machine.
    • Image Edit: Edit images directly from the device. White-out sensitive information, delete or rotate
      pages, introduce watermarks, page numbers, and more with this feature.
    • Mobile Integration: Print from your phone or scan to your phone with apps made specifically for
      your device.
    • Cloud Connect: Connect to Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and more with this feature. Print documents
      directly from your cloud platform or scan directly into your cloud application.
    • Document Feeding: Use Document Processors to hold up to 270 pages or scan at 220 images per minute.
    • Continuous Scan: For larger file sizes, use the continuous scan feature to scan the document in as one
      file, even if it needs to scan in separate batches.
    • Multi-Crop: Place multiple documents on the glass and scan them into your PC as separate files with
      this feature.
    • Barcode Recognition: Use barcode recognition software integrated with the device to scan in files with
      barcode information.

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