1. Can we include all maintenance and supplies into a single payment?
    YES – We have pricing plans that can include or exclude maintenance. We can tailor a maintenance plan that works for your business.
  2. Do you have a state contract?
    YES – We can assist both state and local governments and also have special programs for non-profits and religious organizations.
  3. Do you charge for shipping supplies?
    NO – Although many of our competitors do, we never bill a customer a separate charge for shipping supplies.
  4. My current vendor raises my lease price every year, what is your policy?
    We never raise your lease price. What you pay in year one is what you will be paying in year 3 and 5.
  5. Do I need IT people to install and manage our network printers and copiers?
    NO – Our technicians are trained to complete your install without any need for outside IT personnel. BUT if you choose to have your IT people involved, our technicians are happy to work hand-in-hand with them.

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