Effective document security is right by your side with ADS’ Destroyit® Deskside model shredders.
These robust machines are engineered to thrive in fast paced corporate environments. 5 models and a variety
of shred sizes allow you to choose the perfect shredder for your needs.
Manufactured in Germany, Destroyit® paper shredders have set the industry standards for over half a century.
In addition to their innovative, functional design the exclusive SPS safety features put them among the
safest paper shredders in the world.
ADS’ shredders come with an all-inclusive service contract. ALL labor, parts and oil are covered.


Key Features:

  1. On oiler-equipped models, the cutting shafts are automatically lubricated while shredding, ensuring optimal performance.
  2. Electronically controlled transparent safety shield keeps finger, ties, and other objects away from the cutting shafts.
  3. High grade, hardened steel cutting shafts are warranted for life.