Complete Disaster Recovery and Cloud Replication
In the event of a disaster, we’ll spin up your complete site as virtual

machines on a private network in the cloud, with VPN access downtime

is minimized, and business operations can continue as usual.

Secure and Reliable Backup
Data backed up to a local appliance can be replicated offsite to the cloud, so you can enjoy true peace of mind knowing that business continuity will be maintained even in a disaster scenario. ADR uses a world-renowned reliable public cloud (IBM’s Cloud, SoftLayer infrastructure), and replicates data across multiple datacenters to help guarantee reliability and availability. 

ADRis a fully managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform with secure cloud storage, flexible backup and retention policies, and a range of hybrid and local packages to ensure you have a 3-2-1 backup strategy.

Complete – This package, priced by server, includes 3  total copies of your data. 1 fixed cloud retention point (a daily image containing yesterday’s data), a daily backup to the secondary storage appliance, and unlimited backups to your local storage appliance. (must have a backup appliance onsite) Ask us about financing options including backup appliance for as little as $149 for 39 months.

A Flexible Platform with No Annual Contracts

​ADR - American Disaster Recovery

The Fully Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Platform

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ADR is a fully managed backup and disaster recovery platform, complete with robust data protection, secure and reliable cloud storage, and a range of local and hybrid backup options.

We’ll Manage Your Backups,

You Can Manage Your Business
When ADR is deployed, our certified backup technicians are deployed right alongside it. Our experts become your experts, and are ready to take complete control of day-to-day management, monitoring, and verification of your  backups.

It’s truly a “set it and forget it” solution – one that’s flexible enough to scale with your business, and fully managed and supported to minimize the time you’ll spend hands-on with the platform


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